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Installation on Windows

Download BIMmTool

  1. Open the BIMm Download page in your web browser.
  2. Select the platform and version for the download.
  3. Open the link and download the BIMmTool installation file.

Install BIMmTool


  • Finish your work in Archicad and close the program.
  • Open the BIMmTool installation file that you downloaded.


Select the setup language

Select the language you wish to run the installation.


  • The selected language does not affect the language of the BIMmTool. It only concerns the language of the installation process.

Select installation path


BIMmTool automatically searches for the installation path.

If you have several Archicad installations, you may select the desired installation with Browse.

  • The default path for Archicad 26: C:/Program Files/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD 26/Add-Ons/BIMmTool

Confirm the folder with Next > 

Complete the installation


Confirm the installation path and click Install to continue.




After installing BIMmTool, you can finish the process by clicking Close.