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Installation on macOS

Download BIMmTool

  1. Open the BIMmTool Download page in your web browser.
  2. Select the platform and version for the download.
  3. Open the link and download the BIMmTool installation file.

Install BIMmTool

  • Finish your work in Archicad and close the program.
  • Open the BIMmTool installation file that you have downloaded and click "Continue".


  • You must be aware of the General Terms and Conditions. Select the language you want read it. The selected language does not influence the language of BIMmTool. Click "Continue".


  • Please, read the terms and confirm with Agree.


  • BIMmTool installs automatically directly in the Applications folder. If you have several language installations of the same Archicad version, these will call the same instance. You don't need to install BIMmTool with each language version.

    The default path for BIMmTool 25 is: Macintosh HD/Applications/BIMmTool 25

    Click Install and follow the steps to complete the installation.


After installing BIMmTool, you can finish the process by clicking Close.