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9.04 Floor plan display of scan positions

A multi-story building has several scan positions on each floor of the building. To distinguish the scan positions per story, you'll find it helpful to assign them to the floor they were placed on and to control their visibility according to the project characteristics.

Therefore, we'll specify the home story of each scan position to ensure their appearance where it is most appropriate.

Zoom out to see all scan positions on the floor plan. Apply a model view where the point cloud visibility checkmark for the Floor plan and Sections/Elevations is turned off.

Generate an Archicad Elevation view and make sure it includes all scan positions.


Open the freshly generated Archicad elevation.


Select the scan positions on a given floor and verify that they are editable. Unlock them if necessary.


Assign the selected scan positions to the story they stand: use the Relink Home Story... command from the Edit/Element settings menu.

Please, do not use the Select Home Story in the Linked Stories section of the Archicad toolbar. It would result in a modified element elevation and break the continuity of the point cloud.


Alternatively, you can call this command from the right-click context menu.


Choose the floor in the dialog where you want to link the object and hit OK.


Repeat these steps for the scan positions on each story.

Control the display of scan positions per floor

Now that you have relinked the scan positions to their new home stories, you can control on which floor you want them to appear. Select the corresponding scan position(s), open the Archicad object setting dialog and set the visibility to "Home Story only".


You may want to see only the internal scan positions placed on their home story, and you may want to display the exterior scan positions on every floor. You can adjust your settings accordingly.

Congratulations! Your point cloud is now ready for the transformation!