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9.01 Ensuring the quality of your point cloud

BIMm Solutions Team has gathered vast expertise on projects in the field and is glad to assist you in advising on the hardware for a successful survey.

BIMmTool imports .E57 and Faro .FLS file formats for your scan-2-BIM workflows. There are a few points to consider.
For delivering quality models for as-built documentation, it is crucial to ensure consistent quality from the scanning through the model generation.


Like in all life areas, the most vulnerable link in the chain will determine the project's success. The weaker the scanning device's capabilities are for a professional scan, the harder it will be to deliver your survey and project documentation in the quality you desire.

E57 is a commonly used file format, but it is not yet a standard for the time being. Therefore, the .E57 data you receive may vary depending on the registration software that processed it. To avoid suffering from poor quality point cloud data, please make sure to capture your scans with devices proven to deliver high-quality .E57 files (Leica BLK360, Leica RTC360, Faro Focus S, NavVis VLK, etc.).