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3.03 BIMmNavigator

The BIMmNavigator is BIMmTool's panorama viewer to visualize, navigate and organize your point cloud.

You can display the panoramas right after importing your point cloud data if you work with structured point clouds.
If you work with unstructured point clouds, you can generate virtual panoramas from them. Display the point cloud in the Navigator and multiply your modeling efficiency!


The BIMmNavigator palette behaves like any other Archicad palette. Dock it in the desired location in your Archicad window or detach it to place it on your second screen.

We recommend to keep it near the BIMmTool Palette, for optimum clicking performance. Here is the most productive way to organize your workspace:


The components of the BIMmNavigator

Position register

Organize your scan positions by stories or by clusters

image.png    image.png

Panorama viewer

The panorama viewer always displays the point cloud in full resolution. You can navigate the project with ease, without demanding Archicad to process the point cloud in 3D constantly. It displays the point cloud in color or reflectivity mode and you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image for better visibility. Use the arrows int he bottom right corner to switch between recent views.


Action buttons


BIMmNavigator action buttons help you organize and display the Panoramas the way they fit the best your actual measuring task.

Pick up location

Navigate from a panorama view to another view. Hit the button: the cursor will change to a pipette in the Archicad window. Search for a scanner object on the floor plan to switch to its view.
You can also pick up a location from the BIMmNavigator panorama if the Show locations toggle is on.

Show locations

Display the nearby scan locations. You can define the observation area in the BIMmTool Settings dialog.


Color / Reflectivity

Switch between color or reflectivity to obtain the best capturing result.


The color image is overexposed in the window area; the reflectivity method ensures precise edge recognition.


Show in 3D

Display the view in the panorama in the Archicad 3D window with a dedicated resolution to compare your model with the point cloud.

Navigate in the Panorama: Archicad follows your movements fluidly.


Story / Cluster

Switch between Story or Cluster display method in the Location navigator.

New Folder

Add a new Cluster folder. 


Delete a scan position or a cluster folder.


This action will delete the selected point cloud. To avoid deleting point clouds accidentally, please make sure to lock the point cloud locations.


Switch between black and white background.