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3.02 BIMmTool Palette - basic functions


The BIMmTool Palette contains all the functions you need to measure and model from the point cloud. To open the palette, hit the BIMmTool menu command in the Archicad menu bar.

BIMmTool Command bar



The BIMmTool Settings button opens the BIMmTool Settings Dialog.


The BIMmTool Connect button launches the BIMmTool Connect Dialog.

Use this dialog to organize and place orthophotos and delta analyses in Archicad.

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Start a point cloud project or load further point clouds into an existing project with the Import point cloud button.

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Show in 3D button: Display the panorama view of the BIMmNavigator in the Archicad 3D window with a dedicated resolution to compare your model with the point cloud.

Navigate in the Panorama: Archicad follows your movements fluidly.

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Pick up location to open a panorama view in the BIMmNavigator. Hit the button: the cursor will change to a pipette in the Archicad window. Search for a scanner object on the floor plan to open its panorama view.